Outreach News – Q2 2020

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2nd Quarter—April—June 2020


Reach Out Barn closes for this year

We are sad to announce that the Reach Out Barn will not be open for 2020. Due to Covid 19, confined space in the barn and the inability for the rummage sale to happen till fall, the decision was made not to open this year.

Please spread the word that we are not accepting any donations until April 2021.

Fortunately, we still have funds to help Love INC,.clients with requests for lodging, car repairs, and utility bills this year.

We look forward to opening next spring…



  • April Mission: Amnity Bible Printing $50
  • May Mission: UMCOR Sunday $25
  • June Mission: Babyfold at Old Mutare $75

In addition to these mission projects, we continue to accept funds for UMCOR Global
Health for Covid 19 and UMCOR U.S. Disaster.

$185 came in for UMCOR Global Health and $20 for UMCOR National Disaster MI Conference Disaster Fund: $590 was sent to the to help with the flooding in mid-

July Mission: Water for Life to provide wells in Liberia.

Thank you to all who continue to support the mission projects of our church, monetarily or


Our Virtual Michigan Annual Conference begins July 26. 

Every year we contribute to the offering for the Annual Conference. If you wish to contribute, please do so by July envelope by July 19. Mark your envelope or check for
Annual Conference. This offering is being disbursed as follows:

MI Disaster Response & Recovery Fund: A 10% tithe of the offering allows the Michigan
United Methodist Church to initiate a response to disasters within the state and to begin
mobilizing our responses to disasters outside of Michigan.

Haiti: Haitian Artisans for Peace will receive 45% of the entire offering to support expectant mothers in HAPI’s ‘Start Right’ program for maternal and newborn health in Haiti, saving lives from pregnancy tests through birth.

Liberia: Bishop Judith Craig Children’s Village in Liberia (Advance #11820A) will receive
45% of the total offering. The funds provide basic needs, education, counseling, and healthcare to orphaned children.

Make checks payable to Oak Grove UMC. Please write the mission you wish to support on your envelope or the check memo line. You may mail them to the church or put them in the dropbox.

Thank you! 


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